I feel like I was always punished for my masculinity when I was female-designated by both straight people and lesbians.  I was not the kind of woman that either women or men wanted to be around.  I was way too scary, and people didn't know what to do with me.  I was always a fish out of water in terms of my gender presentation.  So in a huge way, my transition has been like nirvana for it to get all aligned with me, and then have the world treat me well while I'm aligned has been amazing.  I mean just really amazing for me.  So I lived in that lesbian world even as it was difficult to do.

I actually gave birth to both of our children, which was actually never inconsistent with my sense of still being a man and being pregnant, and I know that many people can't understand that, or they might have some understanding.  But it was not inconsistent for me to be with my male identity and want to have children.

Integrating all of our identities as a family has been a journey. So my spouse and former spouse identify as lesbians, my kids identified as part of a lesbian family, so applying to colleges, how do you explain on the FAFSA forms for the federal government that somebody's a biological mother and at the same time they're legally a man and what's their legal relationship, and how do you explain that I am legally a man that was never married to my former spouse who is legally their mother because we were a lesbian couple? 

So there's layer upon layer upon layer of complication when interfacing in the world, even as it was not very much of a blip in terms of my family's experience of me and didn't change a whole lot the way our family life ran, was not really that big of a deal- and yet this interface out in the world became a pretty big deal.