This project is a labor of love.  We are both highly committed to sharing the stories of transgender and gender-variant older adults and recognize a strong need for this kind of representation, especially now, as we are seeing an older LGBTQ population emerge for the first time on such a large scale.  It is critical to record this significant history and make visible a community that is often overlooked. 

We are currently in need of support to travel throughout the country in order to include more people and to share more stories. 

There are many ways you can help.


Your donations help make this project a reality.  If you are able, we would greatly appreciate any amount you can give.  No amount is too small.  All money donated will go directly to the costs associated with the project.

A donation of $50-100 covers the cost of transcribing one interview.
A donation of $250-500 covers one plane ticket.
A donation of $1000-$2000 allows us to spend several days in a city or state and create many portraits


One of our biggest financial obstacles is being able to travel to different cities.  We have received interest from individuals throughout the country, but we have to be able to get to where they are.  You can help us immensely by bringing us to you.  If you are affiliated with a university or non-profit organization, you can sponsor our visit and also help us connect with the local community.  By sponsoring travel and lodging, you are helping to make this project a reality. 


Whether you are an individual or an organization, we would love you to sponsor our project on a larger scale.  As we move forward with a book, exhibitions, and lectures and speaking engagements, there are many opportunities to involve your organization.  We would love to speak with you about those possibilities. 


Even if you are not able to donate, you can help us by spreading the word to others who would be interested in participating in, supporting, or sponsoring our project.